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New: Chikusen Umeshu
Pré-commandez votre Chikusen Umeshu ! La livraison est prévue pour la fin d'année 2020.
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Our mission
Introduce you to Japanese Sake.

Like samurai, we come to conquer the land of bread, cheese, and romance, by drawing our sake on your table, in order to share moments as convivial as they are tasty.

Like the divinity Inari, a white fox, god of rice growth and fertility, we bring unparalleled taste and love to your dishes!

Who said that only wine is the only alcohol of its kind? New to Japanese Sake? Don't worry, we will take care of bringing you The Sake which will enhance your evenings and your meals! 

Thanks to more than 600 flavors, Japanese Sake offers a multitude of possibilities and Sake / Food combinations!

Service saké japonais

Are you a professional ?

Do you want to start or develop around Japanese sake? 

We are here to support you and help you sell this little-known drink, with many possibilities!

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